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Movie Production and Distuibutors Association of Hong Kong LimitedIntroduction
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Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong Limited ( ӰulЅf ) C MPDA, the non-profit making association founded in 1979, has members of over 95% of the motion picture and audio visual production and distribution companies registered and incorporated in HKSAR and Mainland China. The major professional and distinguish services to assist with MPDA members are :

(1) To provide the technical support, professional, internal help solve conflicts and arbitration services to the related Original Filming and International audio & visual and multi-media productions, locally & internationally ;

(2) Assist with Members, the HKSAR, China and all overseas governmental departments to submit the positive professional comments and to act as the enforcement supporter of the related Protect the Intellectual Property and Against the Copyright Infringement ;

(3) Assist and support the related local professional organizations to organize film trade and cultural exhibitions in HKSAR and overseas. Most success function is to host-organize and form the first Hong Kong International Film Market ( Filmart ) before the handover 1997 and the Entertainment Expo with Hong Kong Trade Development Council C HKTDC and HKSAR till now ;

(4) In 2003, MPDA is the major organization to assist with HKSAR and Mainland China governmental department to issue and provide the valid certificate(s) for the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement C CEPA to the Audio and Visual Services, officially.

(5) Assist Members to provide the professional registration and issuing the related Certificate(s), such as : Certificate of Copyright Ownership , Certificate of Distribution Rights , Certificate of Hong Kong Motion Picture Origin and Certificate of Hong Kong TV Production Origin and etc. Those issued Certificates are the valid and supporting documents, locally and internationally, especially for Mainland China and Taiwan.